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A flying start to every Business trip
With Falcon Corporate Plus you can make your employees' business trips at a lower cost for you and more comfortable for them. It's the smarter way for large companies to book frequent flights across our network, with a service tailored to the unique needs of your company and its happier, more productive staff.

Falcon Corporate Plus offers enough privileges to make you and your employees feel on top of the world, even before leaving the ground. As a Falcon Corporate Plus member you can enjoy:

  • Pre-agreed concessions on Gulf Air flight tickets and service
  • A dedicated account manager and support team to handle inquiries quickly and easily
  • Customisable privileges and employee incentives to suit your needs
  • An enhanced version of our user-friendly Business-to-Customer Internet Booking Engine offering additional discounts and deals
  • Primary and secondary administrative access privileges for multiple users
  • Across-the-board administrative control for your Corporate Travel Team over online account details and user profiles
  • Intuitive online portal with extensive search filters for easy retrieval of booking, billing and other information
  • Instant bookings with invoicing (Credit Line) and pay later options, as well as regular credit card payment methods
  • Easy to use registration (sign up) form, which creates a pre-configured account
  • Access to the full history of booking details within the company account (with downloadable report)

To register your company or receive more information, Please simply visit our Falcon Corporate registration form or email us at b2b.support@gulfair.com and we'll get in touch to take care of the rest. Alternatively, contact your local Gulf Air sales office.